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  • Grasping the Root of Divine Power is written by H. Yuya Assaan-ANU; a premier authority in indigenous sprituality and Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center. This work explains the fundamental concepts employed in any occult system and pulls mainly from West African tradition but, is brought up to date using contemporary examples and guides for...

  • "Shrine and Altar" is a journey into the base elements that are used to establish a sacred space of mindful meditation, spiritual awakening, and divine communion with the guardian forces of the cosmos. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

  • "Natural Hair for Young Women" serves to empower our young women of color by guiding them through the process of accepting and getting re-acquainted with their natural beauty. Incoporating teachings on the spiritual aspects of natural black hair and providing practical tips for natural hair manintenance.

  • The ANU Order Book Collection consists of  the ANU Order available at a special discounted rate. These works include: -Grasping the Root of Divine Power -Solutions for Dysfunctional Family Relationships -Shrine and Altar -Natural Hair for Young Women,a spiritual foundation  providing you with the tools for growth, personal development, awareness, and...

  • The Self Actualization Lecture DVD is comprised of a one hour DVD of a stop along Chief Yuya's popular themed 2014 Self Actualization Tour. This lecture takes place at Integral Yoga NYC where Chief Yuya enlightens us with guidance and tips for manifesting the realities we desire realizing our spiritual destinies using our own will power and imagination.

  • This Orisha Archetypes Lecture DVD is a 2 hour DVD consisting of snippets from various workshops and lectures presented by Chief Yuya weaved into a powerful and stimulating learning experience. This DVD is comprised of workshops and lectures presented by Chief Yuya  providing practical uses of archetypes and deities in order to reconstruct reality and...

  • The Shrine and Altar DVD is the companion to the Shrine and Altar book, offering visual stimulation and step by step guidance for establishing your spiritual gateway. This DVD provides you with basic techniques and a foundation for building two types of shrines and a meditation altar to prepare you for your spiritual awakening.

  • The ANU Order DVD Collection consists of all three DVDs within the ANU Order Catalog including: - Self Actualization Lecture DVD - 60 min -Orisha Archetypes Lecture DVD - 120 min -Shrine and Altar DVD - 60 min This kit is excellent for those who are seeking to gain spiritual growth and learn through visual stimulation.

  • Efun is the sacred clay chalk. It is used during rituals to mark a new follower of the Orisha. The clay chalk is often kaolinite and is often white in color. The white symbolizes purity and new beginnings.  Click "More" or continue reading below for additional information.

  • Birds and animals are sacred in indigenous spirituality and are revered just as divine as humans. Metaphysically birds are emissaries between two worlds. Use this feather in spiritual work to send your messages and affirmations to the spirit world. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

  • The Spiritual Starter Kit is a perfectly packaged spiritual learning kit that provides you with foundational techniques for establishing or enhancing your spiritual practice and personal development goals. These products offer mental and visual stimulation and practical techniques that can be applied to your daily life.

  • The Shrine and Altar Book & DVD Kit combines visual and intellectual stimulation for your senses and spiritual growth. This kit is excellent for those who want to learn how they can establish their spiritual gateway with insightful yet comprehensive information.

Showing 13 - 24 of 25 items