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  • Camwood/Osun is not to be confused with the Yoruba deity Oshun.  Osun is typically red camwood although camwood can also be black. Camwood is known as African sandlewood which is a shrubbery hard wooded tree. It can be used for intiations to the different Orisha houses where the dye can be used in painting different sacred symbols.  Available in 2 sizes...

  • The ANU OBI Divination set provides you the opportunity to do your own divination for yourself including performing nine position divination and working with the IFA Odu.The OBI oracle is one of the most ancient, tried and proven tools of connecting with the divine messengers. Continue reading below for our tutorial video, and additional information and...

  • The bitter kola nut also known as Orogbo is a sacred nut whose origins stem from a seed born of a large tree in Nigeria and other regions of the world. This obi used in traditional west african divination sytems and also has various health benefits. Continue reading below for additional information. 

  • Bluing is used in the orisha and various spiritual tradition for its intense blue color. The blue of the dye symbolizes the depths of the ocean. It can also symbolize the calming and healing powers of the blue color. It is often used in Orisha Yemoja baths to bring healing someone of depression or sorrow. Bluing can also be used for scrying; a water...

  • Iyerosun is a powder used in the Yoruba ifa tradition mainly by Babalawos and Iyanifas in their divination practices to mark specific odus.  Iyerosun is made from natural elements, as most instruments or spiritual supplies are within ifa or the yoruba tradtion. It is termite dust from the Irosun tree, the Irosun tree is a special tree that is said to have...

  • Frankincense is an aromatic African tree resin from the Somalia region. It is burned as incense. Frankincense is known to instill courage, keep the mind focused and lifts the spirits. It has a warm sweet fragance to it. It is said to stimulate the immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is excellent for lifting depression. Continue reading...

  • Myrrh is a spice that is used primarily as incesnse. It is also used as medicine , to make perfume and to anoint the dead. Myrrh can be used to numb pain and it is a potent antifungal. It is used to clear the air, aide in divination and to regenerate the spirit.

  • Alligator Pepper also known as Mbongo spice or grains of paradise is a west african spice that can increase the power of your words used in ritual practices. 

  • Shea butter also known as Ori in the West African Yoruba tradition is often used an offering to the spirits. The word shea comes from the Bambara people of Mali’s word for it “Si”. It is made from the fruit of the Shea tree located in West Africa. 

  • Grasping the Root of Divine Power is written by H. Yuya Assaan-ANU; a premier authority in indigenous sprituality and Chief Jegna of the Sadulu House Spiritual Center. This work explains the fundamental concepts employed in any occult system and pulls mainly from West African tradition but, is brought up to date using contemporary examples and guides for...

  • "Shrine and Altar" is a journey into the base elements that are used to establish a sacred space of mindful meditation, spiritual awakening, and divine communion with the guardian forces of the cosmos. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

  • "Solutions for Dysfunctional Family Relationships" is a practical guidebook accompanied by engaging fictional narratives; complete with techniques and exercises that can be applied to bring solutions or alternatives to issues that my arise where the members of a family or relationship may practice different cultures.

Showing 1 - 12 of 20 items