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How to Avoid Psychic Reading Scams

Psychic Readings

Psychic reading scams are yet another topic that we at AlphaOmegaStore.com wanted to provide guidance on, as one of the services that we offer are spiritual consultations. We have had a few inquiries and questions regarding scams and I myself have even fallen victim to one in the past so here we’ll offer some tips and guidelines on how to pinpoint a scam so that you do not fall victim to one.

First to begin, I will advise that you not judge a book by its cover. Some of the most sweet and sincere looking individuals are some of your biggest con artists in psychic scams. Those who also profess to be very  “religious” doing your work at “the church” are also some of your biggest con artists. So the best guard that you have when you get a reading is your intuition.

Use your intuition

While you are seeking out a spiritual consultation or psychic reading; you yourself have your very own intuition as well and ability “to know”. So you have to learn how to cultivate it so that you can then begin to trust it. We offer an excellent book at the Alpha Omega Store entitled “Grasping the Root of Divine Power” by H. Yuya Assaan-ANU which  teaches you how to cultivate your own intuition by teaching you how to do your own divination. The guidance and tips offered there will help you to get on the right track.

This means, if something doesn’t sound right or feel right when receiving a psychic reading then it probably isn’t.

Some of the most common psychic scams feed off of your fear or lack of accountability for the problems in your life.

For example if you hear anything along these lines, then your intuitive red flag signals should be going off:

  • Someone put a bad luck curse on you
  • There is a lot of negativity and dark energy around you
  • Someone (mysteriously unknown individual) did something to you to try and break up your relationship
  • There is an ancestral curse on you

While these antics may seem obvious to some; the hook and catch which gets people pulled in is that

the other information in the reading is pretty accurate and sometimes precise.

So the problem is that some of these scam psychic readers are actually gifted in their craft however, they just don’t use their powers for their good, or the highest good of others.

So the natural course of these readings starts off pretty innocent and accurate, but eventually turns “dark”.  Even if you didn’t come because of an “issue” they’ll find an angle to present one, ie. “You have an ancestral course you have to fix”, meanwhile you just came to check on your career challenges????

Somehow, someway, they’ll tie in a serious issue if you don’t disclose one yourself that has to be addressed ASAP, and then they’ll hit you with big dollar amount that is required to clear it up. And if you’re really gullible, they’ll keep advising more money is needed to do your work, and more, and more, and more; meanwhile the only thing that has been “cleared up” is your bank account.

So be smart, be wise. don’t be a victim especially now armed with this information. if you still struggle with this or trusting your intuition.

Get a second opinion.

Just as you would if a Doctor gave you a diagnosis and treatment plan that you didn’t agree with. Consult another psychic or spirit worker. There are many ethical and gifted spirit guides ie..psychic readers who do offer genuine readings and services that really help people…to help themselves.

If you have fallen victim to one of these scams then consult a guide who may have an official website, a public presence, online reviews, or was referred through word of mouth. You will see the difference.

You may also learn that you do in fact need spiritual work done. Work that you can be probably taught to do yourself, or where you are taught to become more balanced, so that you can begin to regain your power and take accountability for your life and not blame others or unseen forces for your problems. That is usually never the case.

Seek out an ethical spirit worker and become a conscious creator, and truly transform of your life!