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Spiritual Uses for Florida Water

Florida Water


Florida water is a cologne water that is most commonly used in spiritual work for cleanses, protection and blessings.

The Florida Water that we carry at our  Alpha Omega Store is sourced by the original manufacturers; Murray & Lanman. In the 1880s and 1890s Murray & Lanman Florida Water was advertised as “The Richest of all Perfumes” and “The most Popular Perfume in the World”.

While it began as common toilette water in the 19th century, it grew in popularity by spiritual workers of various cultures and backgrounds.

Florida water consists of a mixture of water, alcohol and essential oils. It has a strong citrus scent, as “sweet orange” consists of its basis, and includes essentials oils such as lavender and clove.

The fragrance from the botanicals is the power source of this water

This is why it’s so popular in spiritual practices. First it’s excellent for clearing away negative energy in both practical and spiritual uses. Having a clean environment alone is one way to protect yourself from harmful energy but the nature of the fragrance of the flowers gives and added boost to not only cleanse and protect but to also attract positive energy.

This includes; good fortune, peace, tranquility etc. The water essentially raises the vibration in the environment. This charged with your will or intention that you want materialized, can help you and your entire environment to thrive.

Spiritual Uses for Florida Water:

  • Add it to a bath to remove negative energy
  • Add it to a bath to attract love & romance
  • Add  it to a floor wash to remove harmful energy
  • Leave a bowl of florida water on a tabletop to help raise the vibration of your environment
  • Use it to clean your shrine & spiritual supplies
  • Use it to charge your gems, crystals, and jewelry
  • Use it to cleanse and charge your divination oracles
  • Use it to cleanse your elekes and ides (jewelry from Yoruba West African Spiritual Ceremonies)
  • Place a bowl by your bedside to help you sleep at night
  • Add a cap full to a spiritual head cleanse bath or shampoo or conditioner

The  uses are infinite however be mindful that it’s not made for consumption.  Enjoy the spiritual power of botanicals and herbs through Florida Water!