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15% Off Day of the Dead Discount

Day of the Dead

day of the dead

The Day of the Dead is a public Mexican holiday that is festively celebrated in order to give honor and reverence to their dearly departed friends and family. This holiday is not localized to the Mexican culture. It is also acknowledged across the world in many different cultures with variations of name or style of celebration.

For example, in France it’s known as “All Souls Day”, and the more familiar “All Saints Day” is commonly celebrated in the United States amongst those of the Christian faith. In the West African Yoruba tradition ancestors are referred to as Egun. There is not a particular day or holiday specifically set aside to revere our Egun as this is simply acknowledged as a way of life and encouraged to do on a regular basis.

However, regardless of the difference in name or practice, these cultures all share the common intent of honoring their transitioned ancestors and friends with gifts, offerings, and affirmations. The key to the Day of the Dead is to gather in celebration as opposed to holding onto melancholy or somber feelings. This shift in consciousness helps us to see that they are not “gone”; but are in fact, still very much with us.

Our acknowledgment and reverence keeps their spirits alive and fosters a relationship of reciprocity. We give them what they need through gifts and offerings as they continue in their spiritual experience. They give us what we need via emotional comfort and spiritual guidance as we continue on in our human experience.


We at the Alpha Omega Store are offering you 15% off your entire purchase from 10/30/15 through 11/4/15 in honor of the Day of the Dead.

We carry various products that will aid you in communing with your transitioned friends and family including but not limited to:

These products serve as offerings and guidance on how to establish a shrine and altar, and how to commune with your spiritual allies.

Additionally, this also provides flexibility for those who are unable to visit their loved ones graves by establishing a shrine or altar for them in your very own sacred space.

So be joyful, be merry, and put your own spin on how you will celebrate The Day of the Dead.

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Student Testimonials -ANU Spiritual Training- Letting Go


testimonialsThe Alpha Omega Store is not your ordinary shop. We are unique and pride our selves in the varied products and services that we offer that aid you in your personal development and spiritual evolution.

One of our prized and most popular products is our on-line spiritual courses that we offer at the Sadulu House Spiritual Center; ANU Spiritual Training”. The Sadulu House Spiritual Center is also founded by Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU. He is the owner of The Alpha Omega Store as well as the Chief Jegna (Teacher) at the Sadulu House Spiritual Center.

While Chief Yuya, affectionately known as “Chief”, originally began his teachings and courses in person, as well as via personal podcasts in order to accommodate his long-distance clients; Chief decided to create an on-line platform that allowed him to offer our spiritual classes to the world so that we may spread the influence of indigenous thought and beauty far and wide.

Now with over 500 students; ANU Spiritual Training has proven to be an excellent platform for connecting individuals of like-mind and for bringing indigenous teachings to individuals in remote areas; or in areas where there is no community or outlet to share in their unique freedom of spiritual expression.


ANU Spiritual Training is an on-line class that consists of 10 class modules and activities that offer the following benefits to you. These include but not are limited to:

  • A course designed so that you can go at your own pace
  • You can register at anytime (Open Enrollment)
  • You can register from anywhere in the world!
  • You gain access to your lectures for a lifetime
  • You receive over 3 hours of high quality; life changing content!



Our students come far and wide and are from various cultures across the globe who are interested in learning about nature based indigenous spirituality; and/or who are interested in enhancing their spiritual practices.  They also all share the common thread of aspiring to realize their greatest potential.

While I can go at length about how amazing ANU Spiritual Training is; who better to hear it from then directly from our students!

In Their Words” is a mini-series of testimonials directly from our students who share how ANU Spiritual Training has had a tremendous impact on their lives.

Check out this video on one of our students who shares how ANU Spiritual Training helped him in a challenging area of his life.

Learn more about our course offerings and review our syllabus by visiting us at

The Sadulu House Spiritual Center



Sage Smudge Stick- Enhance Your Intuition



Smudging is a ritual for spiritual purification. It aids in clearing a space of negative energy within your home, your place of work, or anywhere you spend a great deal of time. Smudging can even be done on an object, or on your person including your hair. This helps to remove unwanted energy and restore balance and harmony. It’s all about creating organization, balance and serenity within a space or person.

When a smudge stick is used to cleanse a space it helps to renew old and stagnant energy and replaces it with a lively vibrancy. Space clearing is most successful when your intention is clear. This practice or ritual is something that we recommend at the Alpha Omega Store to do on a regular basis.

While smudging with a sage stick is most commonly used in space clearing it’s also excellent to use to enhance your intuition. The aromatherapy of this sacred herb enhances and activates your higher consciousness, therefore the sage stick is excellent to enhance your meditation practice or to use during your divination sessions.

Smudging is also highly recommend to use on newly purchased or hand me down objects prior to use. This can be anything from furniture, to clothes purchased at a Thrift Store, or newly purchased crystals. Just as you would rinse vegetables purchased at a grocery store once you bring them home, you want to keep all of the objects that you bring into your home sacred and cleansed and infused with your energy.

While you can smudge with several types of herbs or resins, the smudge sage stick offers ease of use, as it does not require charcoal, and it’s very potent and aromatic so you only need to burn it for a few minutes. Conservative use will allow you to have a highly effective and long lasting sage smudge stick. Be sure to get yours today on sale Today at the Alpha Omega Store by clicking here.

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