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ANU Spiritual Training Student Testimonials – Direct From the U.K.


personal growthThe Alpha Omega Store is not your ordinary shop. We are unique and pride our selves in the varied products and services that we offer that aid you in your personal development and spiritual evolution.

One of our prized and most popular products is our on-line spiritual courses that we offer at the Sadulu House Spiritual Center; ANU Spiritual Training”. The Sadulu House Spiritual Center is also founded by Chief H. Yuya Assaan-ANU. He isthe owner of The Alpha Omega Store as well as the Chief Jegna (Teacher) at the Sadulu House Spiritual Center.

While Chief Yuya, affectionately known as “Chief”, originally began his teachings and courses in person, as well as via personal podcasts in order to accommodate his long-distance clients; Chief decided to create an on-line platform that allowed him to offer our spiritual classes to the world so that we may spread the influence of indigenous thought and beauty far and wide.

Now with over 500 students; ANU Spiritual Training has proven to be an excellent platform for connecting individuals of like-mind and for bringing indigenous teachings to individuals in remote areas; or in areas where there is no community or outlet to share in their unique freedom of spiritual expression.


ANU Spiritual Training is an on-line class that consists of 10 class modules and activities that offer the following benefits to you. These include but not are limited to:

  • A course designed so that you can go at your own pace
  • You can register at anytime (Open Enrollment)
  • You can register from anywhere in the world!
  • You gain access to your lectures for a lifetime
  • You receive over 3 hours of high quality; life changing content!


Our students come far and wide and are from various cultures across the globe who are interested in learning about nature based indigenous spirituality; and/or who are interested in enhancing their spiritual practices.  They also all share the common thread of aspiring to realize their greatest potential.

While I can go at length about how amazing ANU Spiritual Training is; who better to hear it from then directly from our students!

In Their Words” is a mini-series of testimonials directly from our students who share how ANU Spiritual Training has had a tremendous impact on their lives.

Check out this video on one of our students who shares how ANU Spiritual Training helped to change his life:

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