Divination Mats- Maintaining a Proper Divination Surface

Divination Mats

When it comes to conducting a divination session; your environment is not only key; but the surface where you will lay your cards or tools also reigns supreme.

This is where the divination mat comes into play.  We at the Alpha Omega Store emphasize spiritual education as the utmost importance in what we do.  As our slogan indicates; our aim is to put you on your road to success,  and there is much more to the concept of a divination mat than meets the eye.

First, our divination mats are hand crafted and manufactured on-site offering you quality products with a personal touch. Secondly, what’s really important to understand is that your divination oracles are spiritual tools so they are more than just inanimate objects. They’re living entities, as they carry the same ase, prana, or chi that resides inside of  you.

With this understanding, it’s key to treat them as living beings  just as you would any living household plant.  Building this relationship with your spiritual tools provides them with the honor and reverence they deserve and fosters a sense of reciprocity. You take care of them and they’ll take care of you by speaking to you in a special way that only you will understand.

This process will essentially help you by making your divination sessions more clear, accurate, and powerful; whether you’re divining for yourself, or if  you’re a spiritual guide who provides services to your spiritual community at large.

Therefore, be sure to get your divination mat at the Alpha Omega Store to help protect your divination oracles and give them the respect they deserve.

Lastly, be sure to keep your divination oracles covered at the conclusion of your divination sessions and stored in a safe and clean environment; as they will continue to act as a portal even if you’re not actively using them; so cover, nurture, and protect them!

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