The Gem Pouch – Protecting Your Spiritual Tools



While on the surface you may think a gem pouch is not worth writing about; well we would beg to differ. Again at the Alpha Omega Store we emphasize spiritual education as the utmost importance in what we do.  As our slogan indicates; our aim is to put you on your road to success,  and there is much more to the concept of a gem pouch than what it really seems.

First, our gem pouches are hand crafted and manufactured on-site offering you quality products with a personal touch. Secondly, what’s really important is the purpose that the gem pouch serves.  While it offers ease of use for carrying and storing your gems and crystals, the gem pouch is also a way to protect them and shield their vibration from negative or harmful energy.

This is essential because your gems and spiritual tools are more than just objects. They’re living entities, as they carry the same ase, prana, or chi that resides inside of  you. With this understanding it’s key to treat them as living beings. This relationship with our spiritual tools that are a product of the earth in particular; provides them with the honor and reverence they deserve. They offer us the ability to create desired realities, tap into cosmic law, and of course offer healing and balancing to our minds bodies and spirits which is much needed in our day to day and often chaotic lives.


Therefore take care of your spiritual and divination tools and they will take care of you. Below are some tips that may offer additional guidance for caring for your spiritual tools:

  • Store your gems when not in use in a protective gem pouch
  • Do not store things on top of your gems even when in a pouch
  • Charge your gems in sun or moonlight
  • Sage your gems
  • Soak your gems in salt water for additional cleaning
  • Store them near  or on top of your  shrines
  • Make use of the color therapy that the pouches offer in conjuction with the healing therapy of the gems.
  • Add herbs to your gem pouches and seal it with your intention to create your own customized mojo bag

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