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  • The Self Actualization Lecture DVD is comprised of a one hour DVD of a stop along Chief Yuya's popular themed 2014 Self Actualization Tour. This lecture takes place at Integral Yoga NYC where Chief Yuya enlightens us with guidance and tips for manifesting the realities we desire realizing our spiritual destinies using our own will power and imagination.

  • This Orisha Archetypes Lecture DVD is a 2 hour DVD consisting of snippets from various workshops and lectures presented by Chief Yuya weaved into a powerful and stimulating learning experience. This DVD is comprised of workshops and lectures presented by Chief Yuya  providing practical uses of archetypes and deities in order to reconstruct reality and...

  • The Shrine and Altar DVD is the companion to the Shrine and Altar book, offering visual stimulation and step by step guidance for establishing your spiritual gateway. This DVD provides you with basic techniques and a foundation for building two types of shrines and a meditation altar to prepare you for your spiritual awakening.

  • The ANU Order DVD Collection consists of all three DVDs within the ANU Order Catalog including: - Self Actualization Lecture DVD - 60 min -Orisha Archetypes Lecture DVD - 120 min -Shrine and Altar DVD - 60 min This kit is excellent for those who are seeking to gain spiritual growth and learn through visual stimulation.

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items