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  • Burdock root is used for purification in holistic and spiritual practices which can be used to remove negative energy and provide protection. Continue reading below for uses

  • Eucalyptus leaves are widely used for effectiveness in removing malevolent energy and enemies who are effecting your home or job. This powerful herb is also used in aiding those with personal weakness such as with drugs, alcohol, or tobacco. The magical use of eucalyptus is an extension of the plant's household use to repel fleas and other pestiferous...

  • Mugwort is a popular herb that is commonly used in spiritual practices. This plant can be used to bring about prophecy and success in divination practices. Burn as an an incense at your workspace, or use it as a smudge around the area in which you are performing divination rituals. Continue reading or additional uses. 

  • Patchouli is an herb used in money and prosperity rituals. It can be sprinkled onto your money, added to purses and wallets,to draw more money to you. Patchouli is also used in fertility talismans and is also substituted for graveyard dust. Continue reading for additional uses. 

  • Lavender is a beautiful aromatic flower known for its myriad of practical and spiritual uses. Connected to the Crown Chakra lavender is excellent to use to obtain higher consciousness, love, and spiritual healing. Additional Uses: Use flowers to prepare your own essential oil Add to a sachet and place under your pillow as a sleep aid

  • Peppermint leaves are excellent for use in healing and removing harmful energy. Use following a trauma or break-up to prevent a downward spiral in emotions and consciousness. Continue reading below for additional uses. Uses: Burn in your home to clear out negativity of sickness. Add to rituals to enhance psychic abilities Use in healing and...

  • Stimulating and invoking your higher consciousness; sandalwood powder has a warm, sweet fragrance, that is wonderful to burn on charcoal as an incense during mediation to bring success, and as an offering at your shrines and altars. Continue reading or click “more” for additional uses.

  • St. John's Wort is a powerful herb that can be used in dream magic, as well for protection from harmful energy. Medicially St John's Wort is to treat mild depression so it's excellent to use to sip for a healing tea to alleviate anxieties and fear. Continue reading or click “more” for additional uses. 

  • Valerian root is an excellent herb to use in rituals and spiritual work. Use in healing rituals to remove guilt and negative self-talk and increase self-acceptance. This herb is also excellent for invoking animal spirits with an affinity towards cats. Continue reading below or click more for additional uses.

  • Camwood/Osun is not to be confused with the Yoruba deity Oshun.  Osun is typically red camwood although camwood can also be black. Camwood is known as African sandlewood which is a shrubbery hard wooded tree. It can be used for intiations to the different Orisha houses where the dye can be used in painting different sacred symbols.  Available in 2 sizes...

  • Add Activated Charcoal also known as carbon to your ritual work. It's excellent for use in absorbing and removing toxic substances spiritually and physically. Continue reading below for additional benefits. 

Showing 13 - 23 of 23 items