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  • This beautiful singing bowl with rounded sides includes a wooden dowel-striker. The intricate cover design features the image of Green Tara. Tara represents compassion and protection who comes to relieve emotional, physical and spiritual suffering. Allow this singing bowl to draw healing, and protective energies to your spiritual practice. Continue...

  • This beautiful flat side singing bowl includes a wooden dowel-striker. The design features the Five Dhyani or “wisdom Buddhas”.   Each is said to be capable of overcoming a particular evil with a particular good. Allow their wisdom to enhance your meditation practice. Continue reading below for additional features and benefits.

  • Djembe drum excellent for use in drum circles, grounding work, and for balancing your chakras. This djembe is handmade with mahogany wood, lightly varnished and covered with natural animal skin. Each one has different carvings, selected at random just for you. The side ropes make it easy to carry. Please continue reading below for additional details and...

  • Lavender essential oil is derived from the beautiful aromatic flower known for its myriad of practical and spiritual uses.Connected to the Crown Chakra lavender is excellent to use to obtain higher consciousness, love, and spiritual healing. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

  • This stunning, pedestal mortar and pestle set is made of natural white Zebra Marble. It is durable and perfect for preparing small batches of medicinal herbs and spices. Due to the different patterning in natural marble, some color variations may occur.  Continue reading below for additional benefits and details. 

  • Ceremonial drum; excellent for use in your meditation practice, ceremonies, drum circles, as well as for decor.  This traditional drum has been handcrafted and features a natural skin cover. The handmade mallet is wrapped in skin with a suede cord and two feathers attached. Continue reading below for additional details and features.

  • Beautiful purple beaded maraca excellent for use in spiritual ceremonies, invocations, rituals, drum circles, and for tuning your chakras. Made of all natural materials. Filled with beads and covered by a net of purple wood beads for optimal sound. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

  • Tea Tree Essential Oil is a strengthening, medicinal oil. It can be used to treat most all ailments.  Used for aura cleansing, protection, purification, to open mental channels and mental clarity, and to balance upper chakras.  Excellent of use in aromatherapy. Continue reading below for additional benefits.

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